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Saumya Garg , Conley, United States


10 - 14 years

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Co-founder product - design/messaging incubated at the Prebacked technology accelerator Lead developer First engineer + 3 more


Real-time Clustering Dev ops Hipaa Amazon DynamoDB + 17 more

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United States

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My experience

2016 - 2017   freelance
Freelance Engineer Devops.
full stack, machine learning and product design implementations
• Guide engineering roadmap* from minimum viable product to early revenue and then massive scale
• Build and train international engineering teams to handle complex engineering challenges
Design, Machine learning, Product Design, Engineering, International, Guide

2012 - 2016   job
Co-founder, product - design/messaging, incubated at the Prebacked technology accelerator
Managed remote team on product definition, UX experience, and development of patient centered
healthcare coordination between primary care, specialists, and families
• Designed a scalable, HIPAA compliant, real-time architecture including log store, database, search, messaging/caching layer, and file storage to meet US/European privacy regulations on AWS
• Evaluated various healthcare verticals to establish go-to-market strategy, and product roadmap including
pivots from clinical, outpatient communication, in patient care-coordination, and finally to patient
readmissions with interdisciplinary five person team in engineering, anthropology, business development, and medical backgrounds
• Partnerships with cancer researchers at Stanford and Cancer Prevention Institute of California
Design, Business development, UX, AWS, Database, Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Development, Storage, Search, Go, Founder

2012 - 2014   freelance
Full stack, Python developer, full-time contractor VMWare.
internal tools
• Produced analytics and reporting tools for directors, product managers, release managers, and developers to understand status of release with 10k developers contributing to a single product
• Increased usage of the platform by developing new stakeholders (market share), prototyping different
types of reporting based on collaborative problem exploration / design thinking, and scaling infrastructure
Design, Python, Design thinking, Prototyping, Analytics, Developer, Infrastructure

My education

2001 - 2007
Washington University in St. Louis
MS in Computer Science, BS in Computer Science, BS in Biomedical Engineering, Consumer Science

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